Chap.3 p.15

I’m losing my mind, I’m at my limit, I’m hurting, I’m going crazy, My happy pills doesn’t work anymore, My mind whispers something to me, Telling me to die, Kill myself, There is no more happiness in me, Save me. I’m drowning. Save me. I’m losing myslef. Im getting lost. Save me. ¬©thinkerbelle Advertisements

Chap.3 p.14

Stop escaping too much you might realize you left ‘yourself’ behind or you might have left the person who gave their world to you.


Life is always been a battlefield. Your decisions is your weapon, your smile is your armor.  Dancing your way through the beauty and thorns of life until you break free. You’ll realise it’s always been a fight worth fighting for. 


 Life is a bed full of roses with prickles and thorns, But if it’s with you, I wouldn’t mind at all. ¬©thinkerbelle


Have you ever had the urge to just go somehere where nobody knows who you are? Where you could be just “you”, Without restraining yourself, Without having friends to worry about, Without family to rely on, In a place where the only person you could be with is just ” you” Having the entire freedom, […]