He’s like  puzzle board, She’s a puzzle piece, “She completes me”– he thought, She helped put himself back together— Piece by piece, But the last remaing piece —  The las remaining spot in his life — Doesn’t belong to her. ©thinkerbelle Advertisements


Don’t resent yourself,  Choose your happiness,  Others may not like it—  But you are you,  You may change your face Even your name,  You are still ‘you’,  And no one could take that away. ©thinkerbelle


She would always think of what’s the best in you, The good times rather than the bad times, The moments of laughter rather than the sadness, Most of all, the moments you made her fell in love with you over and over and over again… Rather than the times she felt the pain of being […]


Struggles, Problems, Challenges, Or whatever you call it, All of them is inevitable, You don’t choose them, There’s never been a “skip” or “cancel” button, However—- Giving up half way is never been a good option. It is never been and would never be a good choice. ©thinkerbelle


She’s trying to break his walls, Every brick that falls, He replaces them with new ones, She’s trying to reach out, The hand that reaches for him, He’s avoiding it.  She’s trying to call his name, The voice he could hear, Is his only thoughts. She’s loving him, The feeling he felt, Is only fear […]